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Creating special moments

Posted on April 11, 2013 at 11:08 AM
Every day we see couples longing to rekindle some of their past, such as times when they:
•Went out to dinner
•Enjoyed going to the movies
•Danced to Glen Miller
•Saw Danny O'Donnell in concert
•Played pinochle with friends
•Went shopping together

Instead, during the winter of their lives, they have become Alzheimer’s experts, aides, housekeepers, cooks and so much more.

Today, non-medical home care providers offer life enriching breaks in the day for their clients and families. At Senior Concierge Services, we strive to meet these needs by:

•Having movie nights at home, with popcorn and movie sized candies
•Staging an Italian dinner for two, complete with candlelight and music
•Renting a Danny O'Donnell concert on Netflix
•Planning an 85th birthday party for a family who has a member with Stage II Alzheimer’s.
These very simple, special moments can mean so much to everyone involved.  I am always amazed at the joy we are able to create.  Families & caregivers may create these lovely moments too. Or they can partener with a non medical home care provider to "make it happen." 
With spring in the air, make it happen for someone you love by creating a simple indoor picnic, planting a small indoor garden with herbs or other veggies that are sure to flourish inside or installling bird houses to attract cardinals, robins and other signs of spring life.
Here's to creating special moments,

Categories: Activities for Seniors, Elder Care