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Si Senor~ is Senior Friendly

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 10:34 PM
Many thanks to the entire staff at Si Senor~ Westlake for making an afternoon outing so special for an SCS client yesterday. This gentleman lived in California for many years and knows good Mexican food. Although he resides in a nursing facility, we go on an excursions every week. Yesterday, he felt like Mexican food and I knew just where to go.

We have been going to Si Senor~ for many years now. It's been a place to celebrate family birthdays and any other special occasion. Their food is delicious, plentiful and affordable. 

Most of all it's a place to go to have fun. The staff is accommodating and bend over backwards to make your dining experience pleasurable. Yesterday, they did just that.

My client has Parkinson's Disease which has significantly affected his speech, ability to walk and more. He is very self-conscious when out in public. But yesterday he felt like every other customer at Si Senor~. The staff were very patient and gave him the time he needed to ask questions and order his lunch. They catered to his needs without making him feel ill at ease.

If you're a caregiver and are looking for a place to enjoy during an outing with your loved one may I suggest Sunday afternoons at Si Senor~. If you love Mexican food, I highly recommend this establishment. 

Gracias, Jane

Categories: Senior Friendly (Or not so friendly) Places